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Tokyo Olympics & Mental Health


There is a growing awareness through all forms of media of mental health matters. It has become more acceptable to talk about mental health. We have seen high profile athletes be open about their own mental health. Simone Biles (US gymnast) really raised the profile of mental health in athletes. The Tokyo Olympics, like none before, has truly entered mental health into the public domain. It became okay for athletes to put their own mental health first. Further afield than the Olympics at Wimbledon tennis, Naomi Osaka was not the first professional tennis player to withdraw during a Grand Slam tournament because of mental health concerns. It is likely she will not be the last

So, did Simone Biles and other athletes who spoke out about their mental health and the pressure they felt, make it more acceptable to simply talk mental health? These last eighteen months, though this awful global Covid pandemic, the vast majority of us can at some level now have some understanding of what our mental health is. When we feel, anxious, flat (depressed), withdrawn or maybe that life just seems empty and pointless, these we know are aspects of our mental health being impacted. Our mental health can be impacted through the a variety of external and internal factors. Relationships that feel controlling, abusive or stuck can of course impact upon how we feel. The environment certainly impacts upon our mental well being. During the lockdowns, were you stuck indoors alone? With others? Without access to outdoor space? These are examples of how our environment also impacts us mentally?

If you would like to talk about your own mental health it is okay to reach out to our practitioners at Therapy@Barnfield.